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Common Carpet Cleaning Questions

Common Carpet Cleaning Questions

Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Really Worth It?

Carpet cleaning is necessary but it’s often an overlooked activity. With all of our other responsibilities and chores, it’s easy to overlook the time-consuming and difficult task of thorough carpet cleaning.

However, there is a viable solution: expert carpet cleaning.

Is it really worth it to hire a professional carpet cleaner? Yes, if you can afford it, professional carpet cleaning is well worth it. While carpet cleaners are not cheap, there are some obvious benefits to hiring one:

  • They will clean your carpet more thoroughly and deeply than you can. 
  • They will extend the life of your carpet, saving you money on carpet replacement.
  • They will improve the appearance and remove unpleasant odours of your carpet.

If you’re still undecided about hiring a professional carpet cleaner, the rest of this article will help you decide.

Why Does My Carpet Need Cleaning?

The unpleasant reality is that if you don’t clean your carpet, you risk permanently ruining it. Cleaning your carpet is equally as vital as cleaning the rest of your home’s furniture, fixtures, and fittings.  Your carpet will reveal noticeable traces of dirt and grime if they are not cleaned on a regular basis. You will also start to notice unpleasant smells coming from your carpeting.

Dirty carpets can also serve as a great breeding environment for dust mites, germs, and other undesirable organisms. These organisms can be dangerous to young toddlers and babies who play on your carpet. They can also degrade indoor air quality and cause problems for people with asthma. To top it all off, a carpet that isn’t cleaned on a regular basis will wear out faster than one that is.

Some people only clean their carpets once they have moved into a new home. When they notice the difference after a professional cleaning, they frequently kick themselves and wonder why they didn’t clean the carpet sooner.

There’s no denying that, while important, cleaning your carpet is a chore.

However, there is some good news: frequent carpet cleaning makes subsequent cleanings easier. As long as you stay on top of things and get your carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis, the damage and bacterial/dust buildup should be manageable.

When Does My Carpet Need Cleaning?

Most carpet manufacturers recommend vacuuming carpets twice a week and professional cleaning every 6-18 months, depending on traffic. Carpets in homes with young children and pets may require a more frequent deep clean due to the increased amount of dirt and hair that gets into them.

Here are some of the primary elements that influence how frequently you should clean your carpet:

  • Whether or not people in the room smoke.
  • Dampness can cause problems for carpets in bathrooms.
  • Carpets in kitchens are prone to the accumulation of grease, oil, and food deposits.
  • Carpets in entrance halls or near outdoor doors are dirtier than carpets in other areas.

How Can I Help Protect My Carpet?

Taking off outdoor shoes before entering

Shoe removal is a popular method used by many people to keep their carpets clean. It’s especially effective on light-coloured carpets that reveal dirt easily. To prevent a rapid buildup of filth, many individuals implement a simple “no shoes in the house” rule. Unfortunately, this might be more difficult to enforce in an office or shared environment.

Purchase a doormat

A doormat will help to absorb dirt and water from the bottoms of people’s shoes before it gets on the carpet.

Buy furniture shoes

Carpets can also be damaged by large things such as tables, chairs, and sofas. Furniture shoes help to distribute the load and avoid dents and flattening of the carpet fibres.

Rug positioning

Many individuals place a rug on top of their carpet in high-traffic areas. This mostly helps in the prevention of wear and tear.

Rearranging furniture

One of the most serious risks to darker-coloured carpets is direct sunshine, which can cause bleaching. When furniture is placed on top of the carpet, outlines of the item’s shadow can form.  Try to rearrange your furniture in rooms with large windows every few months to ensure an even change in hue over time.

Twice a week vacuuming

A twice-weekly vacuuming schedule will help eliminate any dirt that has begun to accumulate. It is very excellent in removing dust and dry dirt, but less effective at removing stains caused by moisture and bacterial growth.

How Much Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost?

A professional carpet cleaning costs about $50 per room on average. When compared to the expense of a new carpet, this is a tiny fee to pay to keep your carpet in good shape. However, when a carpet is towards the end of its life, $50 may seem excessive to spend on cleaning something that will be replaced soon.

As a result, when considering hiring a professional cleaner, keep the value of the carpet in mind, as well as if you intend to replace it soon. If you plan to replace your carpet within the next one to two years, it might be a good idea to save your money and put it toward the new carpet. When cleaning new carpets, make sure to strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. Invalidating your warranty might be a costly mistake.

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